Why I started a side gig (and why you should, too)
Why I Started a Side Gig | Sarah Klongerbo

First things first: I love my job.

When I'm not freelancing, I'm working full-time for 9 Clouds, a digital marketing company based here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

It's a great gig. As a creative content strategist, I get to write and edit copy for clients alongside a group of weird, wonderful coworkers.

But as any musician will tell you, sometimes it's not enough to play the same gig day after day. To really express yourself creatively, sometimes you need to branch out and book some different venues, sing some different songs.

Enter my new side gig: freelance writing and website work.

I've always adored writing. For as long as I can remember — ever since those family Christmas parties where I'd sit in the corner and read novels rather than interact with my relatives (sorry, Grandpa) — I've been fascinated with story, language, and emotion; how those three intertwine, forming a beautiful, intricate braid.

Importance of Story | Sarah Klongerbo

This passion is what prompted me to become an English major, to work as a freelance writer after college. To eventually dip my toes into the sparkling waters of marketing, where story is infused into every successful strategy.

Now, after three years in the digital marketing industry, I've picked up a thing or two about what sells (and what doesn't) in today's tech-powered world.

Not only that, I've realized I like this stuff. I love pairing content with design, business goals with user experience. It excites me to help people and companies discover their full potential online.

I've been sensing this itch to freelance intensifying within me for several months now. It's not that I feel unfulfilled at my job — far from it. I just want to be stretched.

I want to challenge myself creatively. I want to work one-on-one with clients who need help promoting themselves online but who can't afford an expensive agency. I want to blend my passion for writing and eye for design with my experience in digital marketing, swirling it all together to create something colorful and striking, something like art.

So here we are.

If you're looking to create or maintain a sophisticated website in Sioux Falls (or elsewhere), I'd love to see if I can help. See my services here, and contact me if you've got an idea for how we might work together.

Side Gig | Sarah Klongerbo

Starting a side gig doesn't mean you don't enjoy your main one. It just means you want more. It means you're multifaceted.

When I first began considering this freelance website work, I asked a mentor her thoughts. To my relief, she encouraged it — and she didn't think it was, as I put it, "cheating" on my full-time job.

"Think of your marriage," she said. "Your husband meets so many of your relationship needs. But you need your girlfriends, too. Troy would never expect you to drop your friends just because you're married. Your employer should be the same way."

If you've ever felt that itch to start something new, go ahead and scratch it. It's not going to go away. And if it does . . . well, you may have missed out on a potentially life-changing opportunity.

Humans are born to create. We were created to create.

So that's what I'm going to do.

Join me?

Sarah Klongerbo